AMALIE Arena scores with Shift Energy’s EOS

AMALIE Arena scores with Shift Energy’s EOS

SAINT JOHN, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA – June 23, 2017 – AMALIE Arena, 19,204 seat home of the National Hockey League’s Tampa Bay Lightning, reports positive financial and environmental impacts since implementing Shift Energy’s Energy Optimization Software (EOS). Tampa Bay Sports and Entertainment, LLC (TBSE), which manages and operates the arena, is reporting an energy cost reduction of 14%, a consumption reduction of nearly 1,500,000 kWh, and demand (kW) cost reduction of 15% and 1,100 tons CO2 saved following the deployment of EOS. Across the spectrum, the EOS system outperformed payback expectations for the facility operators.

Recognized as the fourth busiest arena in the US, AMALIE Arena not only hosts NHL games, but Arena Football League games featuring the Tampa Bay Storm, along with dozens of concerts and community events; nearly 150 events annually. Recently transformed with more than $90 million in renovations over the past six years, the venue features 70 private suites, 34 loge boxes and a full-service restaurant, the Firestick Grill. TBSE continues to focus on sustainability for the 670,000 sq. ft. arena as it approaches its 21st anniversary and it turned to Shift Energy’s EOS to improve overall energy performance. EOS integrated easily with existing infrastructure and their event management software (, allowing TBSE to simplify and enhance day-to-day operations while customizing the system to Tampa Bay’s unique exterior conditions.

“’The Shift EOS solution has materially reduced AMALIE Arena’s energy consumption and improved operations by providing integration from our front office event booking right through to our building management,” said Darryl Benge, Executive Vice President and General Manager for the arena. “The EOS technology did what our team simply didn’t have the time to do on a daily basis and it has performed exceptionally well for us.”

EOS is a highly secure cloud-based software that works with existing building systems to reduce energy costs in commercial buildings. It works with building systems, including Building Automation Systems, to gather minute-by-minute operational data and store it in the cloud. EOS analyzes that data, along with weather, time of day pricing of electricity, occupancy and event schedules and uses adaptive machine learning to determine how to maximize everyone’s comfort while saving the most money. Energy costs are reduced and day-to-day operations simplified without giving anything up. This flexible smart building solution can deliver a significant financial impact in a short amount of time while reducing overall carbon footprint.

EOS is the perfect solution to make a smart building smarter. Solutions are specifically designed to optimize energy usage in venues and arenas, healthcare facilities and commercial real estate properties.


Shift Energy, a member of the Mariner Partners group of companies, has developed Energy Optimization Software (EOS) that makes smart buildings smarter by optimizing automation. EOS uses big data analytics, cloud computing and IoT resulting in improved comfort for building occupants, longer asset life, lower energy costs, better system autonomy and detection of defects for building owners and operators. Shift Energy worked with EllisDon on the AMALIE Arena project to deliver a reduction in GHG emissions and energy costs.

EllisDon is one of North America’s leading construction companies. They’re a market leader in the design, construction and operation of intelligent buildings. EllisDon works with both building owners and operators to drive operational and lifecycle savings. EllisDon provides Shift Energy with the integration design and infrastructure required for EOS, allowing effective deployment of EOS’ efficiency automation strategies.

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